In the 2013-14 School year, we have been attempting to send school news and notices of events to families through e-mail.  If you have not been receiving e-mails from the school, please contact the office to be sure we have your correct e-mail address.  Thanks!

Parent Involvement Commitee (PIC) Conference - October 18th
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Milton Public Library wants to hear from you!  Meeting September 23rd
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Exciting news...HDSB introduces Student Internet Tools en francais!
Ressources Françaises! Just click on FR (upper right) on the link below...
Library Services, along with a team of dedicated elementary French language Teacher-Librarians,
are pleased to announce the equivalent of your English Elementary Student Internet Tools
page, completely en français!
With the same look and feel as its English counterpart, the French Elementary Internet Tools page
offers links to all the ciritical French resources students and staff need, with some bonuses like
Aide Avec Les Accents, Citoyenneté Numérique, La Culture Française, and our (G.A.P.S.) Modèle de Recherche!

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