Below is a list of our current clubs and teams and the name of the teacher(s) in charge.

Right to Play - Ms. May

Primary Art Club - Ms. Sobieraj

Volleyball - Ms. May

Primary Choir - Miss Wettlaufer

Junior Choir - Mr. Schneider

Band - Mr. Schneider

Chess Club - Mr. Demeter and Mrs. Monk

Cross Country - Mme. Coulombe and Mme. Christensen

Track & Field - Mme. Coulombe and Mme. Christensen

Badminton - Mlle. Minuk and Mlle. Mohorovich

Junior Librarians - Ms. Peachey

Board Game Club - Ms. Peachey

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) - Mme. Summers and Mrs. Pride

Basketball - Mlle. Roe

Student Council - Mlle. Bellio

Eco Team - Mme. Coulombe and Ms. Boleychuk

Diversity Club - Mrs. Dhaliwal