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French Immersion for Grade 2

posted Jun 10, 2018, 3:56 AM by Wendy Webber ‎[Staff]‎

Welcome to Grade 2 French Immersion

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Bienvenue! We have provided you with a comprehensive package to help support some of the questions that may arise over the summer months.  We would like to welcome all Grade 1 students who have registered in the French Immersion program for Grade 2 in the fall with Halton District School Board and allow you and your child to explore possible resources to enhance your learning experience.  

You may wish to visit your school’s web page for further information on the FI program.  The link to the HDSB website will provide further details about the FI program in Halton:

Let the French adventures begin by exploring new cultures and new experiences for the upcoming school year!

Lisa Serebrin Tammy Somerville

System Principal, School Programs System Vice-Principal, School Programs


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Online Resources to Support Your Child at Home with FSL Acquisition

Supporting ELLs

Dual language activity workbooks in French, English and several first languages other than English.

Supporting Students with Special Education Needs in FSL:  A Parent Guide