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The History of Martin Street School

Original Martin Street


One might think that Martin Street Public School (Milton’s first school built in 1920), formerly Martin Street Middle School, formerly Milton High School, was so named because it was located on Martin Street. This was not entirely so, as you will see below. Martin Street Public School is actually named after an early settler to the region, Mr. Jasper Martin.

This town of Milton took root out of a settlement started by Jasper Martin in the early 1800's. Mr. Martin, immigrated from Newcastle, England, with his wife Sarah and two sons on May 17, 1818. He was granted 100 acres (405,000 m.) of land from the Crown in 1820, designated Lot 14, Concession 2, Township of Trafalgar, Halton County, in the District of Gore. During this time, there were two principal property owners in the young town - the Martins and the Fosters. Each of these founding families has provided names for several local landmarks that mark our heritage. In fact, both have schools named after them!

Very early on, Jasper Martin realized the power and commercial value of the swiftly flowing stream that ran through the town. He created a large pond and built a grist mill at its edge. The pond soon became known as the Mill Pond. By harvesting the power of the swift flowing water, the gristmill prospered and grew to become the centre of a settlement called Martin’s Mill. In 1837, Martin’s Mill had a population of just 100 people.

At some point, the name Martin’s Mill became Mill Town. Later, the town became known as Milton, although not because of the homonymic similarity to the name "Mill Town". The Martin family was instead paying tribute to a favourite author, John Milton.

In 1855, the County Buildings were completed. The Town of Milton was incorporated in 1857 and the first Town Council meeting was held in the County Buildings on July 4, 1857, where the current Town Hall is still located. The buildings were expanded in 1877 with the addition of a jail and exercise yard, and these buildings served as the Halton County Court House and Jail until 1974, at which time the Regional Municipality of Halton was formed. The Court House and Jail continued in operation by the Province of Ontario until 1977. In 1982 the Town of Milton purchased the Court House and Jail property from the Region of Halton, and renovated the building to house today's present Town Hall.

The Town Hall buildings are presently undergoing further renovation with the additon of an annex building. The original Exercise Yard today boasts a beautiful rose garden and is the site of many photo opportunites. A recent town renewal project saw the construction of a gazebo at the water's edge and a re-worked pathway around the Mill Pond. And although the mill is no longer in existence (the Supersweet Feed Mill was demolished in 1990), the beauty and tranquility of the Mill Pond is enjoyed by the town's people year-round.

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