School Council

Martin Street encourages a high level of parent participation. One way to accomplish this is to work hand in hand with the School Council. Our School Council exists to reflect community views on school priorities, curriculum directions, school/community initiatives and Board directions.

The School Council consults with, advises and supports the school Principal in the following areas:

School - Community Relations


Health & Safety

Fundraising & Budgets


Ministry & Board Initiatives

Executive Committee:

Co-Chairs:    Mrs. Louise. Thewlis           

                       Mrs. Beth Duraiappah            

Secretary:    Mrs. Leanne Rancourt        

Treasurer:    Mrs. Jennifer Sibbitt            

Parent Members: 

Admin Rep:  Mrs. Jackie Febers

Teacher Reps: 

Meeting Minutes

Copy of Council Minutes-Oct 2nd

Fundraising Summary 2023-2024